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Vegan Friendly Sunscreen Spray that will leave you feeling smooth and radiant. Read More

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Product Description 

Smells like ginger & lemon

Dry Oil sunscreen spray that leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and radiant. Enriched with Avocado oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E whihc helps reduce free radicals preventing skin photoaging. Uniform dispensing, does not require to be massaged in. 360° continuous delivery spray. BOV (bag on valve) technology, ecological, no gas.

Active Ingredients

UVA / UVB Sun Filters

Fast obsorbing photostable chemical filters that allow multi-layer spray application next generation broad-spectrum protective filters) they protect against UVA / UVB without leaving a white effect on the skin.

Avocado & Jojoba Oil 

They have emollient and moisturising properties, perfect for dry, dehydrated or mature skin. They help improve skin hydration, tone and elasticity. 

Vitamin E

It is an anti-oxidant which helps prevent free-radical damage to the skin.

How To Use 

Apply in every moment of the day following your need.

Spray 20cm far from the skin, in a continuous and even motion for a perfect application.

For the face, spray on the hands before then spread it on the face with circular movements.