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Glam Body Mousse 150 ml




A decadently dark mousse for an instant tan. Easy to apply and quick to dry. It reminds us of cannolis from Napoli. Read More

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Product Description
We dream of soft, luminous, tanned skin as we're whisked off to Milan for a shopping trip. As it's easier to get soft, luminous, tanned skin from our Glam Body intensify-ingly dark mouse for all over tan coverage, we're still sat here dreaming of Milan and smelling like cupcakes. 
The Science Bit
* Instant Tan
* Non aggressive formulations
* Main ingredients are DHA and Aloe Vera
* Patented formulations containing anti ageing peptide Matrixyl
* Paraben Free
* Erythrulose Free
* 100% Natural Tanning Formula
* Penetrates the skin evenly allowing for a natural looking tan that fades without patches
* Easy to apply mousse
Development Times
* Develops within 3-4 hours
* Last 3-4 days