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Nature Tan Intense Bronze



Our Eco- Conscious faux tan will have you deliciously glowing with all our plant based goodness!! Read More

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Product Description

This light textured and fast absorbing spray lotion goes on evenly and gives an instant, intensive faux golden tan. Our eco-conscious faux tan is vegan certified and eco friendly. Our Eco-Spray, environmentally friendly aerosol is packed full of plant goodness that not only leaves you faux tanned but moisturises and hydrates

The Science Bit
*Sugar Cane based DHA allows for your tan to go on evenly and not turn bright orange
 *Erythrulose & Paraben Free
*Magic Pigments allow for instant colour 
*ACTIVATAN TM allows for fast colour development on the skin both in colour intensity and uniformity, guarantees a
more instant natural tan for long lasting colour.
* ALOE VERA (Aloe Barbadensis) for its soothing and moisturizing properties the extract of the aloe plant is a real treat for our skin, giving it softness and brightness
together with an immediate sensation of freshness.
*MATRIXYL TM is a peptide that promotes collagen production helping to improves tone and elasticity.
* Fades Evenly
Development Time
* 3-4 hours
* Lasts For 5 Days