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Nature Tan Light Bronze



Our Eco-Conscious Faux Tan, gives instant colour without staining your clothes! Read More

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Product Description
This light textured and fast absorbing spray lotion goes on evenly and gives an instant faux glow. Our eco-conscious faux tan is vegan certified and eco friendly. We've also figured out how to not stain your clothes on application as our colour guide will not cling clothes as you apply. Packed full of nutritious plant goodness it not only tans but hydrates, moisturises and firms skin.
The Science Bit
*Sugar Cane based DHA allows for your tan to go on evenly and not turn bright orange
 *Erythrulose & Paraben Free
*Magic Pigments allow for instant colour without clinging to clothes
*Pro Vitamin B5 guarantees an intense and long moisturizing effect thanks to its emollients and highly hydrating properties.
It smoothes and regenerates the skin in depth, giving it elasticity and firmness.
*Hyaluronic Acid digs deep in to our skin and moisturizes it, giving firmness, brightness and flexibility and visibly reducing skin wrinkles.
*Fades Evenly 
Development Times
*3-4 Hours
*Lasts for 2 days but can be used daily