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On The Go Extra Dark Instant Self Tan 75ml



Intense colour for the hard core tanner. Imagine two weeks in the Italian Riveria soaking up all that decadent heat. Plus it's easy to apply and develops within an hour. Read More

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Product Description

Hard core tanner? Want to go deliciously dark as a professional tan at home? Great for the face and body, On The Go Extra Dark is the ONLY self tan that contains 10% DHA. That's the same as most professional tans! Why go dark when you can go Extra Dark!!

The Science Bit

*Instant Tan

* Non Aggressive Formulation

* Main ingredients are DHA and Aloe Vera

* Patented formulation with anti ageing peptide Matrixyl

* Paraben Free * Erythrulose Free * 100 % Natural Tanning Formula

* Penetrates the skin evenly allowing for a natural non patchy tan that fades evenly

* Multi Positioning Aerosol ensures coverage on those hard to reach places.

Development Time

* 1 hour development time thanks to patented ingredient ACTIVATAN (or leave on longer for a deeper,darker tan)

* Lasts 5-6 days