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On The Go White 150ml - For Asian/Arab Skin



Specially formulated for Asian Skin our On The Go White addresses and alleviates specific skin concerns. Read More

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Product Description
We all want perfect skin and dark spots are a nightmare to cover up at times. Our specially formulated On The Go White for Asian Skin Tones, is clinically proven to brighten your complexion and is a great daily primer. It's also a great cover up for stretch marks and other ghastly skin concerns and you can use it all over  - not just on your face. If that wasn't enough it contains SPF too!!
The Science Bit
* Paraben Free
* Nickel Tested
* Contains super ingredient for everything Coconut Oil
* Contains Vitamin E for its anti ageing, anti oxidant and moisturising properties
* Contains ActiviaWhite the active ingredient that reduces hyper -pigmentation and redness
* Contains SPF 20 (Broad Spectrum Protection UVA/UVB)
* Contains an Anti-Pollution Barrier so that no nasties in the air can cause skin damage